I think about my future a lot. People ask me about my career focus a lot. Honestly I don’t really have much of one. I guess to me its just silly. I sometimes worry people think I have no ambition, making me nervous to date, and things of that nature… But ambition is much more than a career. I have been called out for having no ambition… This is why I disagree.
I will admit I don’t have much ambition for a career assuming you mean I don’t have a specific plan that probably won’t even happen anyway (I know the cynicism isn’t helping)… Honestly, I don’t care what happens. As long as I make money and I am happy… But work ambitions is such a small thing when it comes to everything else.
I am probably one of the most ambitious people in other area’s.
I can’t picture myself not raising a family…. I want kids. I have names planned out for kids. I know I would be one of the best boyfriends-husbands one could have… I don’t know I would make much money, but I can promise I will make you happy. I know I would be an amazing father. I know I am very patient, especially with kids, I am creative, and I am good at helping kids understand lessons.
I have ambitions to travel. I will admit I want to have someone special to travel with… that could even just be a good friend. I will not die until I have gone off of this continent at least once. I don’t think its physically possible.
I understand money is important for these ambitions… But honestly I can be a frugal person. I don’t need much. Food, friends, a place to say… preferably a place I can walk to places… I am set and happy. I’m pretty easy to please.
I don’t know that apathetic is the right word to describe myself. Though I honestly don’t care what happens. I don’t mean that in a negative way, I say it understand that I will probably be happy with any outcomes… If not I will find a way to make it work. Sometimes I wonder if I am too laid back about stuff. I like taking things slow. Maybe it might really bite me. But I guess as long as I am happy… Well that’s that… I am happy.
I guess I am saying this because I can get a little hurt when people point out that I don’t seem to have ambition… I think they just don’t really understand me though. I’m laid back and do have a tough skin, but I am not super man.


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