My biggest regret

So this is probably the most personal thing I am going to say on this blog… But I am going to talk about my biggest regret. And it may seem small but out of a hundred other big regrets, this one beats it.

In my life I have failed classes. I am 21 and can’t drive. I have said very mean things to people and I for a while acted like I was better than everyone else (doesn’t everyone in high school?) I didn’t take what classes I took in college seriously spending lots of money for no reason… And, well, I am full of things that I wish I could have fixed and full of things that I could have prevented from happening. None of these are my biggest regret.

As silly as this sounds my biggest regret is saying stuff like, “I am not looking for a relationship, I am waiting.” Or the more recent thing, “I am just looking for friendship. I don’t think now’s the time to have a relationship for me.”
The one thing along those lines was when I sincerely liked someone. I don’t want to go into full detail but this person, I know this, was very interested in me at first. I was also very interested in this person as well. But I had to say “I don’t think now’s the time to have a relationship.” That is my biggest regret.
Over time I liked this person more and more. It ended coming to a point where I actually said how much I like them. They made it seem mutual but… well lets just say nothing happened except leaving me in the worse state of life I have ever experienced.
This person now has a BF which was also heart breaking when it happened… especially how soon it had happened after the incident.
The reason why I regret this is because now I realize its never really a bad time for a relationship… I mean certain circumstances I will say no you shouldn’t (like just breaking up with someone or a heartbreak… or you’re drunk) but if you like someone and they are going to take care of you and they are safe and they have mutual feelings, JUMP ON THAT! Even if it doesn’t work out, I think it would be worth it.
I’ve learned a lot about relationships. Though I haven’t been in a full one myself. I’ve learned that you work together. If its not a time to have one because you need to focus on like school or getting a job or something… Looking at it now, that’s silly. Why do it alone? If anything you would have a cheer leader for you. Love is more than money. Love is… Love is… the most valuable thing humans have.


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