Some Pet Peeves

  • I hate it when someone is a kill joy… You talk about something you like then someone just immediately starts putting it down.
  • Constant throwing of shade… Meaning gossip. Or people who just constantly never say positive things.
  • People who put down other religions… Believe it or not I hear some of the most “opened minded” people put down religions more than anyone else. I don’t care if its a Christian putting down other denominations or against Muslims… Just be uplifting.
  • When people like to who talk violently. Like they go into detail of wanting to hurt people or they just start conversations saying something along those lines.
  • People who patronize… especially guys who have to emasculate other ones to make themselves think they are manlier.
  • Highly opinionated others… When they talk as if their idea’s are stronger and more logical than yours… Whether its politics or why everyone should be vegetarian.
  • People who don’t try to understand the back ground of things… Like why they are judging someone else… Or why certain words should be avoided.
  • Easily angered people.
  • Easily annoyed people.

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