So the past couple years my political idea’s have changed. I have also stopped sharing my political opinions and well also have been not paying to politics as much.
First off, I am not liberal, conservative, nor am I libertarian. I am just Keith. I can say maybe I lean more conservative if I lay out everything. I also prioritize certain issues. If anything I might be part of a party that strongly favors the education system… In which we make it better, we also would teach students more respect and how to be polite… So maybe also with education come mental health.
I feel if we prioritze education we will have a better future which will fix a lot of major issues by understanding things… A backside to that is it would potentially raise highly opinionated people and split things up. But I still think having a strong education is key to the future people of the country.
With that said that is the only thing I am going to say about my politics. I might through in certain things that are part of my moral that might be considered political at some point. But that’s what I am leaving at.
The reason why I try to avoid politics is because it sometimes hurts peoples feelings. It raises tempers and sometimes people might regret certain things they say. Or they might change their idea’s a few years later and feel embarrassed for that. Not just that but often talking about it just makes indecent conversation of two figures trying to change the others opinion to which often is unsuccessful. So really I feel when you try to talk politics online often, its a waste of time… face it, you need to spend less time on social media sites.
In person I am ok stating my opinions if needed. And in casual situations I might too. But I try to avoid debating them in just day-to-day conversations.
So yes, that is my political opinion


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