So there are so many games being announced that I want all of a sudden. It seems there was a break from great sounding games but now there are tons!
For the 3DS we have Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, I already have Alpha Sapphire preordered between the duo.
Next is Super Smash Bros. This is one of the reasons why I was thinking maybe I will wait longer about getting a WiiU Super Smash Bros on the 3DS just made me wonder if I even need to go buy a WiiU. That and when I heard that Xenoblade Chronicles is coming for the 3DS I was like, oh hey I can really say I don’t need a WiiU… the problem is now I need to go get the new 3DS…. Apparently the original can’t run Xenoblade. I still have yet to buy a few games for the 3DS that interest me but Pokemon,  Super Smash, and Xenoblade come first; when they finally get here.
For the computer the only game that really interests me so far is the Sims 4… However I still want a couple games that have been out for a while, like Rome Total War II. (That’s the only one that comes to my mind at this moment, but I know there are more!)
Finally, for the WiiU, despite me saying I might not get one, if I do I would get the remake of the Wind Waker, as well as the upcoming Zelda game… Which I couldn’t find if a title for it was announced, so it’s just the “Upcoming Zelda game” for now.
I wouldn’t mind getting Super Smash Bros for it as well just to see the differences, plus I think it would still be much better than the 3DS.
Really that’s about it so in Short

Pokemon Alpha sapphire
Super Smash Bros 
Xenoblade Chronicles
Sims 4
Legend of Zelda (upcoming and the Wind Waker)

and I wouldn’t mind the New Nintendo 3DS, a WiiU… and maybe a new laptop just in case.


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