I think about my future a lot. People ask me about my career focus a lot. Honestly I don’t really have much of one. I guess to me its just silly. I sometimes worry people think I have no ambition, making me nervous to date, and things of that nature… But ambition is much more than a career. I have been called out for having no ambition… This is why I disagree.
I will admit I don’t have much ambition for a career assuming you mean I don’t have a specific plan that probably won’t even happen anyway (I know the cynicism isn’t helping)… Honestly, I don’t care what happens. As long as I make money and I am happy… But work ambitions is such a small thing when it comes to everything else.
I am probably one of the most ambitious people in other area’s.
I can’t picture myself not raising a family…. I want kids. I have names planned out for kids. I know I would be one of the best boyfriends-husbands one could have… I don’t know I would make much money, but I can promise I will make you happy. I know I would be an amazing father. I know I am very patient, especially with kids, I am creative, and I am good at helping kids understand lessons.
I have ambitions to travel. I will admit I want to have someone special to travel with… that could even just be a good friend. I will not die until I have gone off of this continent at least once. I don’t think its physically possible.
I understand money is important for these ambitions… But honestly I can be a frugal person. I don’t need much. Food, friends, a place to say… preferably a place I can walk to places… I am set and happy. I’m pretty easy to please.
I don’t know that apathetic is the right word to describe myself. Though I honestly don’t care what happens. I don’t mean that in a negative way, I say it understand that I will probably be happy with any outcomes… If not I will find a way to make it work. Sometimes I wonder if I am too laid back about stuff. I like taking things slow. Maybe it might really bite me. But I guess as long as I am happy… Well that’s that… I am happy.
I guess I am saying this because I can get a little hurt when people point out that I don’t seem to have ambition… I think they just don’t really understand me though. I’m laid back and do have a tough skin, but I am not super man.


Stay Tuned….. (2)

So this is my second stay tuned, where I am going to bullet future posts!

  • I talk about my ambitions
  • My biggest regret…. Uh oh
  • Homeless Person

I might come back and link these after I post them… And will probably try to link this in other posts so you can have it to come back to if you want. I don’t want to share too much on “Stay Tuned” and am thinking it will be a monthly thing (Assuming I don’t go off track from my commitment)
Sorry about not having an earlier stay tuned… I have other posts you all should check out.


Okay so here’s what I have to say about relationships.
First, I REALLY want to be in one. I feel (and I have been told by others) I am designed to be a family guy and I think I would be quite romantic and would make someone very happy… But I am being patient.
Second… I don’t get certain kinds of relationships. I saw this girl who was doing her hair on the bus and her boyfriend tapped her shoulder to tell her something. She goes on saying “why’d you do that my hair looks horrible” and goes on hitting him. And I see these kinds of things happen all the time in couples where they over react to silly things like this. And I don’t get why the person is dating them still. Yeah you might “love them” but sometimes a mutual heartbreak is essential for future happiness. You can’t change a person easily. And if you do want to stay together, I don’t get why you don’t just talk about it.
I also don’t get why people don’t communicate… And when you do they apparently don’t like that you’re trying to talk to them about important stuff. Honesty is important. If you get mad they aren’t honest then don’t get mad when they are… But I don’t really understand anger to be honest with you. When I watch movies where they have a fight over communicating and stuff I am always just thinking “why can’t you just be honest with each other and be happy about it. Not rude though just honest. The happier couples always seem to be more open with each other and do it in kind ways.
I also don’t get why they talk bad about their partner. Do you love them? Then why do you complain about everything they do? I would be very hurt if I knew my partner, someone I love, talked badly about me. Why can’t we just say positive things and again, if you’ve got a problem, go back to the being honest in a kind way but in a private place. Public its aggressive and also puts them in an awkward position, which you probably know it does hence why you do it in public.
Another thing, I love seeing people post cheesy pictures on facebook…. I don’t like large amounts of PDA, but if they’re like just kissing or holding hands and post a picture, thats cute and lets people know you actually do love each other and leaves friends worrying about your significant other. I don’t get why people get upset about it. Do you have issues so much that you are willing to let someone else’s life effect you in such a negative way? Once I get serious (and I mean serious) I will post stuff saying that I think they are beautiful and wonderful!
And as for large amounts of PDA…. making out hard in a hall full of people is not cute nor romantic, unless you might not see them again after that moment.
Anyway, maybe I am just way inexperience but I guess this is just how an observer on the side see’s things… I might be arrogant but I am excited to see who I find so I can show them off and prove you don’t need to have such an aggressive relationship with your partner. I might break up with a person, but who know’s?

The title of a person

You know, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t care about what people do in life… And by that I mean, I don’t care what your job is, things you are apart of and stuff like that… it’s not personal to me. I hate it when people ask me about that kind of stuff because it almost becomes how they see me… Its a description of me sure, but its not just me… There is a lot more to me than being a guy who’s musical, wants to be a teacher, and is currently not in school… And when I meet new people as of late, I don’t often know what they do… But I sure get to know them quick. What a person does in life doesn’t really always reflect who they are… I want to get to know a persons personality, their sense of humor, things they stand for in life… I want to be personal with people. You might argue that all the other stuff is being personal, but I don’t know… If I got to know what their job was, I want to really know their job. I’d want to know what they do who they work with, how they feel about it and well… All that stuff… I guess I don’t really care about the title of the job or anything… Just I want to know the actual person not the title of the person.
I am saying this because to a lot of people I’ve been “a music guy” then they ask me a hundred questions about what I do in music… But they don’t take the time to hear me and its just awkward small talk. Then they refer to me as a guy who likes music and then they just limit me to just that…. When you just get to know the title of a person… You limit them to just that title. The same goes to having been unemployed for awhile or even being employed… I am more than that…
Why not get to know many things about people… In many aspects? That quiet guy might only be quiet because you refer to him as that quiet guy. Maybe even people with like a CEO title, maybe (like MAYBE) people just kept referring to him/her as that businessman, limiting them just to that. Then since thats all they hear other people say about them, they become just that businessman, which might be why they got the CEO title… But everyone, including himself, might just see him/her as only that.
I guess I am saying that because I notice people limit people in many ways… For myself some see me as the music guy, family see’s me as a quiet guy, which makes it hard for me to show them that I can be outgoing, some see me as however I grew up… And to be honest when thats all I hear people say about me, then it makes it hard for me to even know who I really am.
Really when you just see people as one title, you could miss out on a great friend, or if they do something wonderful, you might be that one person who still only see’s them as “whatever” it is… Or in a worse case scenario, then you might make it difficult for that person to find personal growth. They also might just want to live up to the expectations as to what everyone thinks of them as well…

In the end I want to say something… This is probably a passive aggressive post… And I don’t even feel bad about it… I feel like what I have to say will help people making friends and victims of having a single title to know that people do this. And to be completely forward:
To my family I am not quiet. I am not just a musician. I grew up being very shy yes. But when you think of me as just quiet your making me feel… Quiet. I hate it when the only conversations I have with family and church friends is just music. That’s all you know me for is that I was apart of music then you think I am quiet and you’re limiting my conversation which is making it hard for me to come out of that “quiet” box.
To people I went to high school with; I am not super opinionated. I used to post stuff that was on facebook because that was really the only place I could talk about it.. But now I hate talking about it. I hate it when I try to make a post thats not political or religious and it becomes this heated argument. I like discussions and I used to try to start them with “‘opinionated topics” but things always got out of hand and I missed stuff and then I read what you write and I start thinking of you as the person who feels that way… And I also limit you to just that… And it makes seeing you in person that much more awkward.
To the friends I made in college/or the ones that I just generally hung out with more after high school; yeah ok I can be quiet at first then you get to know me and I am probably the most outgoing guy you know who only ever jokes around. Being the funny guy is certainly the one title I enjoy most, but I am still more than just that.. Its a title that’s never bothered me until I hadn’t seen a lot of you for a while. I rarely reach out and when I do I want to get caught up, but I guess being the funny guy has limitted me to that where you have more important things than the “funny” guy… That sounds harsh but some of you have suggested that.
And to those friends I’ve made post-college… Chances are I’ve only really chatted with you on facebook and we just hung out a couple times…. I’ve learned meeting new people when you’re an adult is hard. I am more than a guy who posts often on facebook. I am more than a guy who doesn’t have a nice or cool job. I am Keith freaking Kunze and there’s a lot to me that would make me an amazing friend, partner, and well… Just get to know me and know who I am.

So really, when you get to know someone, get to know them.

My Ambitions

So I have to say a lots happened and I really have been questioning what I want to do in life.
The two biggest things that helped me noticeably grow as a person are music and working with kids. Music I made friends and I felt like I was actually decent at something… When you’re not super athletic and get average grades its hard at times to have self-confidence. Being a camp counselor I had to really learn about stepping out of my comfort zone and it allowed me to be much more out going and also understand my limits…
Knowing those two things are the things that have helped me most, I have always assumed that I would have a career out of one or the other. Both big passions of mine… But now I am realizing just because something helped you doesn’t mean that thing is you’re calling… I knew for a while that I just wanted music to be more for fun than anything, because once it gets too professional its not fun for me anymore and really I wouldn’t get much money or any guarantees for not having fun.
I am still considering being a teacher… And this is VERY hard for me to say this but I might be reconsidering that role. I love kids and I am sure I will have opportunities… I feel like I would be one of the best teachers out there and I have had teachers agree with me on that… But knowing my habits and knowing I have a stronger passion in another field I am thinking that with those habits and that passion I might pursue that.
I like to write. Since a kid its been a dream to be a famous writer but I never really thought I would make it anywhere that and its always been hard for me to write a specific things over long courses of times…. But thanks to social networks and knowing that I work best at my own rate (well actually I am a VERY punctual person, I just get stressed with other schedules and lose certain kinds of creative energy) I am thinking about sticking with my dream of writing.
Writing is by far the one thing that has helped the most stressful days. Sometimes I just write about how I feel about life… Others its about how I feel about a movie or something… I write about everything already whether it just be in a notebook or on facebook… or on my blog… So am really thinking I might take up writing. I probably won’t be a novelist. But I want to be able to make a living something that I already do and like doing. I am not expecting my blog to go viral, but I am going to study ways to improve it and advertise it……
I also like to tell stories, like I have done on my youtube channel. Or I write out the non-stories too to have something else on there… I am the kind of person who always says I will try and this might just be sleep talking, but I am going to really “try” to pursue writing. Maybe my youtube channel will get bigger if I keep at it and I will be able to write scripts in the future for it. Maybe a publisher will take note of my blog and I will be able to work for some kind of company where I basically do what I am already doing… Or maybe some upcoming comedian will notice me and I will write his shows.
and the LAST thing I have to say about all this is that, yes I probably have spelling mistakes and what not in this post and others. Believe it or not I have always gotten A’s on grammar tests and don’t often have many errors in essays when I submit them…. But this is more casual and honestly as long as its READABLE I could careless about them and if you are a grammar nazi, I would kindly like to ask you to get over it… It could be that I grew up with members in the family who didn’t even know how to spell their hometown… or even some of the most basic words… But it annoys me more when people are annoyed by silly things.

Christian posts on facebook

So to those who know me and have me on facebook, you may have notice I don’t post too many things Christian related there… But I do make blog posts that are Christian-themed and my tumblr account is very Christian themed (and Pokemon and other things I am a fan of-and sorry but my tumblr is private and you can’t follow it!)

I have reasons for not doing this on facebook…
Reason 1: The majority of bible versus I see on facebook are done in a passive aggressive way… They either post it in the comments or their status hoping a specific someone will see it and be “humbled” by it.
Reason 2: I have non-Christian friends… sure a lot of my Christian friends will say “all the more for you to post that” funny thing is, most of these non-Christian friends are either going to ignore it or just think “oh another preachy Christian guy.” So rather than saying all these preachy things on facebook, why not just… you know, act this way and let others notice it for you.
Reason 3: Its my own relationship with Christ. Not yours. I have noticed that when I was younger on facebook, I posted a lot of things “Christian” themed… But I was doing it for my Christian friends trying to show them how great of a Christian was… And I feel like I witness this on facebook often. Maybe I’m wrong, but sometimes it can come of that way.
Reason 4: you really can start arguments even between other Christians and they often say things that aren’t super Christian… I am done with having a hundred arguments on facebook over things that aren’t ever going to get resolved and seeing the other sides of people who say they have their own personal relationship with Christ.

Now in the end, I am not meaning to condemn anyone who does post these things on facebook… But really I want to ask, “are you really doing it for Christ?” I do occasionally post something about my faith on facebook. Maybe I could do a better job and post more, or maybe its wiser to not post much at all. But before I do I try to make sure I am doing it for the right reasons.

Toxic People and hypocrisy

Not too long ago I deleted a girl on my facebook… Which I know is dumb to be posting about, but there was one day she was telling a bunch of people they are retarded and should mind their own business blah blah about her smoking weed…. She said they were retarded because they believe weed is bad for you and she thinks its good for you… THAT’S not the reason I deleted her. This same girl was also yelling at people on facebook saying stop drinking and doing drugs because they are bad for you. So alcohol, something legal and something that happened not only in the bible and something I think most people have consumed at some point in their life, is bad while weed, something illegal, is good… I’m not going to start my opinion on the legalization of it… but the logic didn’t make sense to me… not only that but she used strongly worded insults and drama to it… In fact most of her posts just screamed “DRAMA!” Reading those posts just kind of annoy me and frighten me that I know people like this… And that there’s people like this…
I used to believe to always be the most patient you can around people because its biblical… But I at times also think maybe the best thing you can do for both yourself and the other person is to get rid of them… mainly yourself…. Its also biblical to allow time for yourself. I probably have hurt people in the past without really knowing it… but I have always tried my hardest to be a good person and be patient with people… I had several friends from high school who probably didn’t make the best decisions… it’s okay to be friends with them, but I guess at times if they bring drama towards you its fair to just get rid of them. If I am close to the person I normally would discuss, but if they’re someone I hung out with a couple of times because they were in one of my classes, then I don’t feel as bad about doing it in secret.
Over the past years I have deleted a lot of people… I am not meaning to sound dramatic or crave attention by saying this, I simply want readers to know that it is okay at times to get rid of drama. As I mentioned before if you are close, talk to them about it and hope they want to work on it… If not you can still love them… but if its effecting your emotional state, I guess you might just have to take the heart break and say bye. Its unfortunate, but if you think about it like this, in a bad relationship you need to break up so you BOTH can move on in your lives… Friends are their for each other and if their not responding to you when they confront them, are they really their friend?
I have deleted someone who would have considered me close. I always tried to be patient with him, but this same person would always say really unkind things towards me and my friends. He would rely on me to hang out with him and sometimes I would… But it was always very tough. He was also a consecutive liar and at times started to seem threatening in a physical sense… I never was intimidated by it, but I had to get this person out. I have also deleted people who would comment things that would change the point of my posts completely in a negative, defensive way… meaning I would post about something like “liking cheese” then I would get comments like “If blah blah comes into power you will never have cheese again” then it would turn into a massive argument on my post and they would use strong language towards others…. These people were both people I talked to about the situation and I didn’t see anything happening, so I yeah, I wanted to get rid of them… Its okay to do that at times.
Anyway, thanks again for reading… Not a humorous post but one I wanted to express. If someones causing drama, are they worth it?