Upcoming Marvel Films

So Captain America 2 came out somewhat recently. It had Falcon, the first African-American super hero introduced by Marvel… Sure he had some differences, like no Red Wing, but I guess having a pet falcon with you everywhere would be odd in the movie. They also brought Bucky back, who I love. Then the after credits you saw the “twins” who I am assuming to be Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch from the X-Men… I know they are both in the upcoming film and I read their names for the future Avengers movie.

I am guessing Falcon and Captain will for sure make an appearance in the next Avengers movie as well as Black Widow…. I am thinking Tony Stark will be too, BUT I don’t think he will be Iron Man being how he kind of ended the suits at the end of the film… I am guessing that War Machine will be while Tony is going to be kind of just a brains guy who doesn’t get as much action… Or I could be wrong and he could be back, but I am also wondering if Rescue (Pepper Potts) will make an appearance. I am also wondering about Bucky Barnes… I am guessing he won’t have a major role in it, BUT I do predict he will make a minor appearance maybe sometime in the end of the film as back up against the villain… Who I believe is Ultron!
With the Avengers is two X-Men, Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch who are from the future (well in the comics they are at least) So I am guessing they are going to combine those two Universe’s for the time. I am guessing Cable will come in a future X-Men movie at some point as well as a few other major X-Men characters they haven’t brought (Dead-Pool, Psylocke and a couple of others). But the interesting thing is Scarlet Witch…. I am not doing research on this because I know my Marvel hero’s pretty well, but I am pretty sure she is teamed up with Dr. Strange, who has a rumored movie coming…. But with Dr. Strange there’s several other hero possibilities… But they aren’t as big so I am guessing they won’t come until later.
Next is the Ant Man movie… I LOVE ANT MAN…. There’s one thing I am confused about, when I read online, Ant Man isn’t going to be Henry Pym… Its going to be another identity rather than the original. But Henry Pym will still make an appearance. I am confused as to how they will make this out but I guess I’ll have to see. As far as I know he doesn’t make an appearance in the next Avengers movie, which will be a little disappointing, but oh well.
As for Thor I am guessing he will have an appearance, and I am still waiting to hear about another Hulk movie… Hulk being my favorite main Avenger (aside from Hawkeye)… Oh and speaking of Hawkeye, I am guessing he will of course have a role too if Black Widow is.

Now for other stuff. I know Spider Man has the Sinister Six coming… I am wondering if that will all be in this next movie or if they are going to make another for that… I am pretty sure he won’t be in the avenger for a while… Maybe not at all. I read Felicity Hardy will have an appearance (Black Cat) which would be great… I’ve also heard a while ago the rumor of Cloak and Dagger making an appearance (Please if you have no idea what I am talking about google it). I am guessing him and the Fantastic Four might go together at some point too, at least the will before they’d ever be with the Avengers. (Cause supposedly Marvel has films planned until 2028)

Speaking of Fantastic Four, I am confused by the cast list… now this might upset people… But Johnny and Susan are a different ethnicity…. I know its possible for one sibling to be white and black, but if they are from the same father it’s very slim chance, and even then its just slight. Now, aren’t they twins too? If they made Thing or Mr Fantastic black, I’d understand better… I also kind of feel like they might play a lot of stereotypes with him being Human Torch, but I guess I have yet to see it.

And finally we have the Guardians of the Galaxy… I am least familiar with them. But it seems the collector will have an appearance, who was in the after credits of Thor…. This mildly confuses me because GotG are the ones I’d predict to have affiliations with anything “Avengers” related the furthest out… but I am guessing they will make it work. Maybe they will do a little play on things and toss one thing to another group of hero’s with all the Universe’s.
I wonder if all the major characters will be introduced in the Marvel Universe. They already had Deadpool briefly, which I hope they bring back! They still need to bring in lots of female characters… I am wondering if they will redo some of the older characters like Silver Surfer, Blade, Dare Devil, and Punisher. And also wondering if they will bring in all the alternate Hulks. Alternate stories would be interesting too.. Civil War or the Apocalypse both! Though I don’t think that’s likely because it would ruin a lot of fans.. Plus the story might be a bit difficult to follow for those who aren’t as familiar. Plus I feel like Apocalypse takes some of the most random characters and makes them major.

Now I’ve heard rumors also for all the different Avengers around the world… West Coast etc. I’ve also heard rumors Johnny Depp will be Dr. Strange. And Heard rumors for Defenders… which might also just be Hero’s for Hire with two of my favorites, Luke Cage and the Iron Fist. I haven’t heard anything towards the Marvel Family, (I love Ms. Marvel) I have a feeling some characters will make an appearance as secondary characters, similar to Falcon and various agents (Coulson or Mariah Hill) from Avengers.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now about the upcoming Marvel Films… I am excited, as always!



My blog!

So I guess I want to talk more about what I want to do with my blog. I’ve been using it for both more humorous aspects, reviews on things, and life philosophies… If you were following me on Blogspot originally you would know that even more. First, I have been bad at updating lately.. I have idea’s but I obviously can’t post daily… I don’t know if I have a schedule that I’d be committed to but maybe if I told myself something like Every Tuesday (oddly enough Tuesdays are apparently the day I am on the most). With the every Tuesday I might throw in smaller posts just to keep a little bit of activity or when I have something smaller/shorter to share. I am also thinking about resharing older posts that I still hold to from Blogspot so they can some audience on WordPress through out the week as well.
I will still do humorous posts, lists, reviews, and small philosophies… I want to try and commit more to the humorous aspects, which I’ve found to be more difficult to write about, but I guess I will just have to see where life will take me.
I also wouldn’t mind suggestions of topics to discuss… Nothing too controversial nor political, because I feel like if I share those kinds of opinions too much on my public blog it will limit my audience… Though I will still post things regarding my faith, but won’t limit it to just that. So if you have any suggestions, say, my opinion on something that isn’t very controversial, I’d love to hear it! I am not just asking that because I don’t have idea’s. I want to know my audience I guess is the best way to describe it.
As regarding to my inactivity… Funny enough, I actually at some point had a journal filled with post idea’s… It’s just at times I felt a tad too lazy to write something, but I want to commit myself and I think I have been getting into a good mindset to do that. I can’t find that journal at the moment…. But I still have idea’s.

I also want to do a small thing where I will briefly talk about future posts… Partly because I think it will help my commitment, but also to have that “stay tuned” aspect in my blog. You know whats coming and I am advertising future posts. I am not sure how I will incorporate that into my blog but I am thinking about every few blog posts I will add one called “Stay tuned…” where I mention topics for some of the upcoming posts. Which in fact I think I will do that now and you can click HERE to find the link for that post…
Also on the side of my blog I mention “CheifShock” you should also like that on facebook and it would mean a lot! I only post my latest “bigger” posts and new video’s on my Youtube channel.

Anyway, to those who follow me THANKS! To my facebook friends who click on it THANKS! (You should make an account so you can LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to me so I know I have people there rather than just numbers in my “stats”) and THANKS to those random people on Tumblr, who I also love.

Stay Tuned……

So this is my first stay tuned, where I am going to bullet future posts!

  • Marvel and my predictions for upcoming movies
  • Posting bible versus on facebook
  • The Toxic people and hypocrisy
  • The Sloth (A super hero I created years ago to be funny)

I might come back and link these after I post them… And will probably try to link this in other posts so you can have it to come back to if you want. I don’t want to share too much on “Stay Tuned” and am thinking it will be a monthly thing (Assuming I don’t go off track from my commitment)

Evil crows, polite assassins, feeding China, and window nudity!

I am the kind of person who likes to sing to himself and laugh to himself, often when I do it… I am by myself. So here I am singing on the sidewalk at a time and place where there’s quite a bit of people driving on the road next to me.  With singing to myself I suddenly did some immediate improvisation; going like this, “This girl is on FIIIRRAAAAAHH! Holy shiznits a blaspheming demon eating my face! THUMP” as I scream loudly spazzing out to the point of tripping and falling into something because a crow popped out from the bushes. All I can really say to that is… I am glad those driving by had some short amusement from a tall-lanky kid freaking out on the sidewalk.

Well the day gets better. As I am getting to my destination from walking… A hurst doesn’t notice me because it is trying to get through some cars blocking the lane and blocking site of any pedestrians… Not only that but as I am leaving my destination, an ambulance comes flailing down the street that I had to get off of quick because I didn’t realize it was close to me. I think someone was trying to assassinate me but wanted to be polite about it with the vehicles to store dead people.

As the day carried on, I decided to head to the dollar store. When I got there it was going to close in less than 10 minutes. For some reason some lady decided to feed China with Easter candy… Or at least thats what it seemed like. Its rare I see someone have a shopping cart inside of the dollar store… It’s even rarer that they have it filled ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP AND THEN SOME! Who on earth needs to get so much Easter related items, mostly candy, from the dollar tree at 8:55 at night, 5 minutes before the store closes. Can’t you get 3 times as much candy for just maybe a dollar more at the grocery store? That and its much better quality! Sure if you just wanted a candy bar or something I understand going to the dollar store, but to feed an entire country you can get WAY more and WAY better at a simple grocery store all within decent price range.

You thought the day was over? No. Just one last thing. There is a residence inn with ground level windows… Like a store downtown where you can see everything inside and even pop in the window from the sidewalk. Well as I am just a foot away from this window I notice a TV on. What is on this TV? Naked people. I thought it was from a movie or a show. But no. What’s infront of the TV lying in bed. Multiple naked people. Like as in more than two. Sitting in bed. With their sidewalk window wide open for the night people to see. What is just down the street from these people? A patrol officers sitting in his car as if he had been there for a while. And just so you know, it was like both ways going and coming.

And with this was another normal day for me.