Negatives and Positives Forms of Encouragement

So the other day I got to hang out with my choir friends whom I haven’t seen in a while. It was great seeing them all. By the end we started playing Truth… Basically truth or dare but only with out the dare because we’re too lazy. We were all mature and trusting enough to feel comfortable to admit to a lot.
It was also nice because we were able to be personal and not have to worry about each other judging each other.
By the end of the time together the few of us who stayed that late (we left at 5:30 in the morning) we started saying the very minor things that annoyed us about each other and also the things we love most about each other. Both of which I felt we were all able to be completely open and honest about. I realized its amazing to have a great fellowship that trusts each other enough to be so truthfully open about things.
The negatives that were said about me I kind of expected and non of them were really that negative, I think because we’re all close enough to each other to not really be that bothered by each other. I’d love to share the things that were said but then I’d feel like I am being self centered. And we all agreed NOTHING LEAVES THE ROOM! Though I have a feeling nobody would mind about that part of the night to be said.
But in the end it was a much needed night for all of us. I learned more about myself and had lots of encouragement, which I very much so needed right now.


What Powers Would YOU Want?

I am a super hero nerd. Especially when it comes to Marvel. My favorite super hero has to be “The best there is” Wolverine.
Today I was thinking about the most common thought of super powers. Which in my opinion goes: Super Strength, Flying/Telekinesis, Telepathy, Super IQ, Super Speed, Super Reflexes, Shape Shifting, Teleportation, Invisibility, Time Travel, and Heat Manipulation. Now here’s my opinions of each one from the one I want least to the one I want most.

11. Super strength: would be cool and all, but really, I’d have no use for it. Even if my body remained the same type it is, what use would I have super strength? I am not a violent person and all my daily activities requires no use for being super strong.

10. Telepathy: To read ones mind has its uses in everyday life… but to me I might just end up getting depressed. Or other peoples mindsets might change me into a different person whom I am not. In fact I feel as though people want to be able to read minds so they can either help/change that person, or they want to change themselves. I feel as though I already am able to make good discernment in people. Plus the mind is others 100% own personal space. Why invade it?

9. Super IQ: also has little interest in me for similar reasons telepathy does… I’d probably end up getting depressed with all this knowledge. There is a lot of stuff going on in this world that is just flat out depressing. And I don’t have much interest in being outrageously smart anyway… I just don’t care about it. I know that’s not the best description but that’s how I see it.

8. Super Reflexes: Now we are getting to ones that I actually have some interest in. Super Reflexes is something that can be used in many ways. Drop your laptop, you can catch it. Be a super star athlete! Or even a crime fighter. You’d be able to use weapons and other things extremely well and probably would extremely good at most hobbies you have. Why is this still pretty low on my list though? I guess its because its too much of an action orientated power. Like super strength. I don’t have much interest in being aggressive, so I don’t have as much interest in having good reflexes.

7. Super Speed: Choosing the middle ones are a little tough. Super speed is great because you can get to places really fast while still being there. It doesn’t beat teleportation, but it could be nice so you can see where you’re going and how you’re getting there. Not just that but if you’re interested in sports (which I am not) you’d be amazing at ones like foot ball and… well cross country. As I said I am not a big fan of sports so this doesn’t have as much interest to me as other possible powers.

6. Heat Manipulation: ever wanted to just throw a fire ball at someone? Or freeze someone? Maybe you’re either too hot or too cold. So wall-ah! You change how hot it is! At the touch of your hand you can melt through things or burn them! When camping you don’t need to bring a stove cause you can just heat it up! You never would have to buy ice for that cooler again cause all you need to do is gather water and freeze it! This didn’t score higher because with modern technology I can kind of already change the temperature. Any colder or hotter just becomes action orientated… Like the whole throwing fire balls at people thing.

5. Shape Shift: Now I can finally actually be raised by wolves… Cause I can just instantly turn into a baby wolf! Or maybe I feel like getting a birds eye view of things by actually being a bird! Turning into animals would be great. You can see what its like living as a certain animal. Or be treated as certain animals. Maybe simply just escape certain situations and if no one knew about it, it might be nice to just escape reality. And if you ever wanted to be a super hero I guess this is still aggressive enough to win a few battles even use wits and strategy in it as well. I don’t really have any problems with having this… Like I said though its hard to really chose some of them.

4. Telekinesis: This used to be the one ability that I wanted most. Not only can you bring stuff to you on command but you can fly as well. I was just really thinking about the other ones and then suddenly was like… Man Telekinesis might not even be in my top 3. I am a pretty lazy person so to be able to bring things on my command would be freaking awesome. Pulling pranks on people would also be freaking awesome as well. I think though Telekinesis is a power I can make the most stories out of… which is why its one that I’ve always wanted. Its still probably one of my favorite ones out there, but compared to other ones, I’d rather have the other ones over this one.

3. Invisibility: I was actually about ready to trade this with Shape Shift because there’s a few things I’d be able to do with shape shift that I’d want to do with Invisibility… but then I changed my mind. Mostly because the stalker in me is being weird. Who hasn’t wanted to spy on someone? I can’t even lie because I am positive everyone has had that one person they wanted to spy on. Sometimes I just want to walk around without having anyone know I am there. Normally that’s when I am feeling anti social. I have learned I like to observe things so being invisible I would definitely be able to observe things much better! Being an animal could potentially get me that attention I don’t want which is why Invisibility beats it. And sometimes I honestly just want to go up to a famous person who I really like and give them a simple hug without getting some kind of restraining order. They might go crazy! But hey, just means I am going to be seeing them more often.

1 and 2. Teleportation and Time Travel: This. This was the hardest one. I kind of want to tie teleportation and time travel. In fact lets say that’s exactly what I am doing. I can’t decide between the two. At first I was thinking that I wanted Telekinesis most, then I thought about it and was like no I like other powers better for myself. Then once I got closer I was going to put Teleportation… Then once I actually had to typer one I decided Time Travel is the one I’d want… Then I started to type out teleportation for number 2 but as I was typing I was thinking I wanted it more… So I am just going to say why I like the two and why I might choose them over the other.

Time Travel: Everyone wants to fix things. Sometimes I just want to go back and fix things… Would I be in my own body now or my body then… Well either way would work for me. To go back and have the mindset I have now would be very interesting cause then I would be way smarter and more developed mentally than most kids of the time. But the problem with that is I wouldn’t be where I am at today and I might just like that area better than the potential outcome. To go back and give myself advice would keep me from making mistakes that I do think put me in positions I shouldn’t have ever been in.
Not only would I want to go back to myself but I want to experience a lot of stuff. Maybe spend a day in every interesting year. To think I could completely alter todays civilization… Holy cow. I know people say not to do that, but what if I could. What if I had the potential to make every civilization hundreds of times happier
To see the future… are all these conspiracy theories true? What things that are popular today might still be here tomorrow? Where will I be at in my life when I am all settled in. What are the new inventions. I have so many questions for what the future holds it would be amazing.

Teleportation: I was thinking about choosing this cause part of me is almost afraid of time travel. I might have to relive certain things or might unintentionally do lots of wrong. And the thought of what might happen tomorrow is a very humbling thought.
With Teleportation, I would be able to visit my friends when ever I want for starters. Thinking about it I actually think I’d want teleportation MORE than Time travel. I’d be able to escape life…. And as horrible as this might sound I’d be okay with that. I wouldn’t do anything illegal ever. But if I ever had like the world chasing after me they’d never be able to catch me. I’d just be able to escape when ever. And I think I would be okay with everyone knowing I could teleport because of that.
I’d be able to meet people I’ve always wanted to. Travel places I want to. Not have to worry about money for transportation. I’d be able to explore. And I am an adventurous person. I’d meet people from all the different cultures, which I am very interested in culture studies. The places I’ve always wanted to travel to I’d be able to.

Now I have listed the most commonly used powers. I almost through in a few more like self healing, like Wolverine. Stretch your body like Mr. Fantastic. Water manipulation. And change size. But Self healing is OP. For the others I just felt they weren’t as commonly thought of nor used as the other listed powers. Or I really just don’t care about them. So if you actually make it to the end you should either comment or message me what power you’d want most. I might make a blog post of the statistics if I get enough. Also what would you use your powers for? To do good, bad, self purposes, to help those close, to get back at people, pull pranks, to be a super hero, super villain, some kind of supreme ruler… Well those are all the things I can think of…. How would you use them?

This Land is OUR Land

Well yesterday was my little sisters graduation!
There was something interesting that happened. A Hispanic girl spoke, thats not the weird part. The first thing I heard was from a man behind me who said something along the lines of “Damn minority is speaking.” Well the next thing was she started out in Spanish… Whispers of unhappiness was heard in the audience. I at first didn’t even think about it. The guy behind me “this is really pissing me off.” I almost turned around and told him off. I heard people were saying the typical “this is America” but the fact of the matter is… We don’t have a national language, and chances are you probably can’t spell very well either. The girl spoke in English too as translation. In my head I was thinking you go girl. Normally I wouldn’t have but I had just realized, that was incredibly brave.
America is made up of freedom and immigrants. You can’t assume everyone who is Hispanic is an illegal immigrant stealing your job. They have just as much of a right here as you do… In fact their heritage is more native to America than most white people.
Honestly I just don’t like coming to the town I went to high school in anymore. People are so quick to think things without having much reference beside their life experience which isn’t much outside other equally narrow-minded area’s. Then they talk about wanting to travel to other places. But quite frankly, I think they would be treated just as poorly because they don’t have the social skills they think they do have. This world was given to us by God. This land is God made. The rules was man made, and don’t you dare say “but this is what God wants, because YOU ARE NOT GOD! You don’t know what he wants. I believe God exists, I believe in Jesus, and I believe I will go to heaven just as much as these “Damn minorities.”
This isn’t even about “stupid politically correct people.” Cause I say screw politically correctness too. Its about understanding facts and not being a total jerk. And you aren’t the only person on the planet either, everyone’s equal.
And lastly to those people who are SO upset about this. I apologize you find something so small to be such a big deal that you are upset.

Video Games faster than I can make money

Well yesterday was Nintindeo’s E3. I feel like both Nintendo and Sony murdered Microsoft and any forum or form of social networking will support me on this. But I am mostly a PC and Nintendo gamer and because of that I am just gonna talk about Nintendo.
Well they started out with Pokemon X and Y. Which will be the first game on the 3DS dealing with the traditional Pokemon series. We know you can now ride Pokemon and they introduced several new Pokemon as well as a new Pokemon type. The fairy type. In my opinion I found that to be unnecessary. It didn’t even cross my mind they might make a fairy type Pokemon. I was so ready for them to make a sound and light type. I can pretty easily figure out previous Pokemon that will fall under this. Like Clefairy is an obvious one for starters. I have a feeling the “cutesy” legendary type Pokemon will also gain fairy type and something inside me is saying that they will allow Pokemon to have a 3rd type, however that might just get too complicated and cause lots of OP. Like Jirachi is already a steel and Psychic type but its definitely a fairy type.
I didn’t really understand the sky battles. I sort of did but I guess I am just hoping they will include surf battle. Maybe even cave battles too. Then there was the horde battles. That sounds really cool, however, I can easily picture that getting really annoying, especially when I want to catch a Pokemon.
I do like the designs of the new trainers. They actually look like Pokemon trainers compared to the gen 5 ones. Same with the so far introduced Pokemon. I feel like they are getting back to Pokemon that actually look like Pokemon. Cause no offense, before they kind of just looked like lines mixed together.

The next game was what I think is the sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles. Which is a sequel itself. If you have never heard nor played Xenoblade Chronicles I HIGHLY recommend it.  For starters they have AUSTRALIAN accents! Next is the maps. Huge maps that you can explore, the scenery is outstanding too. Just like Skyrim, in fact the game is kind of a mixture of Skyrim and Final Fantasy. You can run up to wild creatures and battle them. Get special items experience and abilities from them as well. And every character is different and customizable with their weapons and gear. Whenever you give them new armor, you actually see them in that armor. Its also got futuristic stuff in it, like robots, but its not just robots… You have medieval -like weapons with a futuristic touch. The gameplay in all is just something I found entirely a new concept.
And the one thing I found interesting is the CONCEPT of the game itself. Not just the gameplay but whats happening. Basically too ginormous beings called Bionis were at war. Then one of them juts decided to rest up and stopped moving. While doing so it basically became a planet. Growing nature. As you explore you are basically exploring some kind of stone god. And you can tell that you are as you travel. It would take forever to do so though cause of how big and how much stuff there is. You start at the foot of its body and as you travel the rest of the body, the environment fits the body. Its hard to explain exactly but you really just have to experience the game itself.

Finally, the last game that I am excited about. Super Smash Bros. I heard its going to be called Super Smash Bros Universe which will fit the “Wii U” thing. They introduce 3 new characters so far. The villager of Animal Crossing. I have never been an animal crossing fan so I am not sure what to expect out of that. Next was Mega Man, which I am excited about. He’s probably the most anticipated character for the game itself ever since we learned Nintendo is teaming up with Capcom for this one. The Fitness trainer wasn’t expected. I think Nintendo likes to do that in each game, throw in a character no one thinks of and the characters that aren’t the normal kind of characters one would think of. Mr Game and Watch was in Melee and ROB was in Brawl. My hopes is they put in characters from Fire Emblem, more Pokemon, More characters from Sonic, a character from Xenoblade, Pac Man, TOAD, Waluigi and maybe a couple characters from Donkey King. Oh yeah, I also hope they bring in Frogger, Crash Bandicoot, and Spyro, but I have a feeling non of those will make an appearance… Ty the tiger would be kind of cool to as would be Rayman. To have them bring back previous characters such as Dr Mario and Mewtwo woould be very exciting as well.. But I guess we just have to wait and see.


I am addicted to pop. No… I am addicted to carbonation. Someone was saying its the caffeine. But I drink non-caffeinated stuff too. Its the carbonation. For some reason I just can’t get away from it. And I fear it might cause bad health in the future. I tried stopping but it doesn’t work. I am thinking maybe just do carbonated juice instead. Its weird. I just get this craving for something carbonated.
This is a short post but yeah. Something I have been thinking of for a while.

Yay! Encouragement!

Today was quite great. I unfortunately missed my choir directors last concert 😥 But for good reasons. I met with someone today. This person apparently has been putting a bit of effort to helping me find a job and future living situation AND education possibilities. He has been asking friends who are employers if they have a job for me. He has apparently referred me to them. This guy is a college counselor. All I was meeting was for a friend, not like a counseling session, but it was almost like one cause I just vented out a lot and he gave me lots of encouragement and advice. Normally when I vent the person isn’t a counselor, so it was a nice change. I rarely vent to people.
Well unfortunately I couldn’t access my debt card. And I kind of lost all hope because of that. But right when I met him today, I told him that and he had gone to the bank because he had a feeling I was going to be needing money. Normally I wouldn’t accept, but it was just too perfect. One of those things where its just like “God, wow, you are real!” He said he thought it was God calling him. Normally when people say that, I am like, “you don’t know that for sure,” because I have heard hundreds of people use the whole “God is telling me to” thing when I think God is telling me the opposite. But I actually believed it was God because of how, well perfect it was.
Well today was just one of those… days where I am like “DANG, I feel good.”


You know, my main purpose for this blog was to make people laugh and express my idea’s. I never really anticipated it becoming something to just talk about everyday life. And yeah I have idea’s of funny things to put down. But looking at a lot of my past posts, I feel as though a lot of them were me just pulling whatever I could think of up. In reality I kind of just need to go along and be naturally funny. Maybe I’ll make a post where I remember a funny story, and I can add in one of those stories.

Well earlier I posted about my youtube video. It got over 100 views in an hour which to me is a lot. And its now sitting over 300 which is way more than I was expecting to get in just a few days. I am really thinking that maybe if I do a weekly thing I can get more to subscribe. Who knows.
I think I am going to also redo this blog. Maybe put in some side links so people can find me better.