Valentine s Day is supposed to be the day about love. Being single all my life never really having any kind of intimacy with anyone, it’s hard to say I know what love is. There are days where I wish I could cuddle up with someone and feel like I’m more appreciated by someone than most. Though, being single is probably the best thing for me. I want to make my significant other to feel extra special. I want it to be me who is in the relationship. I know this is lame, but not driving and no money is what I have, I would have to have help from my parents (which is wrong on multiple levels). If I did have that stuff I still don’t know that I would try and be in a good relationship. I think there are too many things that I need to do before I really have one. There is a girl that I like, and I might go on a date or two with her once I have the money and license, but until then I’ll wait. Why not have many good friends. There are still things I would only do with good guy friends and I don’t want a relationship like this to interrupt that. I have friends who wouldn’t hang out with me because they constantly were doing stuff with their girlfriend. They broke up. Yeah, they’re a good friend, and I’m there for them, but if they’re just going to throw me out like that, it kind of makes them loose some reliability. There’s a lot more that I can say about relationships, but for now, it’s out.

Community College Experiences

1.       While using a urinal, a professor came to the urinal next to mine, which is against man-code for the bathroom. He started telling me about his personal life, wife and kids and what not. I thought it was funny that he was telling me this stuff, especially in the bathroom so I laughed a little. Then I got pee on my show.
2.       I had a squirrel the size of a chicken bite my shoe.
3.       Someone told me that I remind them of the screaming boy on Robin Hood Men in Tights.
4.       I had a teacher who every time he went up to the board, his shirt would creep up and I’d see about half his hairy belly.
5.       Another teacher calls me a stud. He also wears really tight clothes.
6.       I got yelled at for saying sorry.
7.       A guy I sat next to during break looked up porno.
8.       A girl I sat next to during break was video chatting a very spontaneous person.
9.       I learned that the security around campus, who are also students, actually get in trouble if they either report someone or tell someone to behave.
10.   I walked in on an old man and young one making out with each other.

Imgaination and Chasing Perfection

Have you ever thought where an imagination can take you? It took imagination for there to be social norms. A simple goal is a small dream –an imagination that overrules reality-, soon to become a reality. Do you think Aristotle wasted his time doing who knows what? No! Some of the greatest philosophers are the ones that we still hear about today. All they had was an imagination and intuition. Why do people get so caught up in perfection?

Being a Christian

What is being a Christian? I can’t really explain it. He is everything. Without him, I have no idea where I’d be. He’s there when I’m down. He gives me hope and faith. He’s my best friend, but better. He builds me and he helps me. He’s the pillar that keeps me from falling. No, he’s not this guy who just sends people to inferno. In fact, I see him as the opposite. I feel safe with him, no matter what he’ll be there, and he constantly blesses us, and I’ll admit I don’t always realize it. To be a Christian means to believe Jesus saved us. We should follow him and never turn away. We should obey him, and just know that he’s going to take care of us, even if the time is harsh. Being a Christian, we’re not the judge. We should be thankful for everything. There’s so much more to say too. His love for us is unexplainable.

Now I ask to you, what is being a Christian? If your not “religious,” what do you think it is?

Random things to do on Super Bowl

Well today is Super Bowl 2011. If you’re like me, you don’t care too much about watching it. You either want the Steelers or the Packers to win, you don’t watch any of it, except the commercials. Now here’s a list of things you could be doing instead. They’re pretty dumb, but hey, it’s entertainment –maybe.
1.       Youtube the craziest game crashers.
2.       Learn how to become a ninja and destroy tall and dead weeds in your backyard.
3.       Look for a slug and say you’re fired.
4.       *67 a bunch of random friends screaming into the phone “I like Chocolate milk” then hang up.
5.       Go out and harass the people who are working at stores.
6.       Make new adventures in Narnia and Middle Earth.
7.       Experiment in the kitchen using brown sugar cream cheese and super soggy noodles.
8.       Find a person in the store and tell them that they dropped their pockets, or that their socks are untied.
9.       Tell people that they’re on TV. Point to some random spot on the far wall and ask them to “smile for the camera”.
10.   Go to a public restroom and use a stopwatch to time people going to the bathroom. Cheer them on to encourage good performance.
11.   Go to a furniture store and spin on all the spinny chairs. See which one spins the fastest.
12.   Put alcohol in a bird feeder and see what happens.
13.   Freeze an egg or put one in the microwave for a few hours and see what happens.
14.   Have a conversation about marshmallows with someone on Chat Roulette.
15.   Pretend to be attacked by a bear in the bathroom.

Conquering Insomnia

    So this year just hasn’t been the best. Tragedy has stricken with my highs school peers, finance issues, and a few other things that have been really bothering me.
    Well along with this, I’ve had some insomnia problems. It felt like I was pulling an all-nighter with friends running on caffeine. So I have lots of energy, but feel really worn out.
    I’m normally a pretty private person, but can warm up to a few people, and even then I still don’t say everything in my mind. I think it’s just a guy thing But I know that talking helps, it get’s what’s in my head out. Kind of like slowly releasing air from a balloon. I must say that talking feels a little better.
    Before, I would take some kind of sleeping pill every night, and still stay up late stressing about things. Sleeping medicine causes your body to become drowsier; it doesn’t make you fall asleep. It also doesn’t give you the same kind of refreshment natural sleep gives you. I’d also look at small screens which somehow are like a stimulant to your mind. Texting and video games aren’t the best things right before sleep.
    A friend told me to exercise. Normally I’d get exercise from being busy or from going on long bike rides. Which I haven’t done for months. It’s hard to exercise when feeling worn out, but just a run from my house to our barn (somewhere between 25-45 yards from my house) made me feel pumped, then a run back. I still had energy to do more, but I’ve been really lazy sense august, so the lazy instincts kicked in. But that night, I felt a lot better. Rather than getting like 1-2 hours of sleep, I got about five. So each day, I’ve been trying to a small amount of exercise, still not much, but better than my routine I’ve been having.
    I’ve also been trying to make my sleeping environment better. Before I sleep texting, playing video games, writing stuff up on my laptop, and listening to loud music takes place. (Some people may laugh or make jokes here). My bed is not a place for any of those things. I can text while standing, video games on the couch in the living room, laptop on a table, and music -it’s an iPod, I can take it where ever I want. So now I turn off my phone and anything else that might have some kind of bright screen off and under my bed to charge. I use the computer (family one) before I go to bed, which still stimulates the mind, but hey, I’m a facebooker. Then I make sure my room is a peaceful environment. If I’m having trouble relaxing, I will put on some soft music (like soft jazz, or some piano music -I hate classical). This helps me not think about stress and more on the song itself, which is relaxing in general. I also get any other distractions (lights outside my room, TV in living room) out of the way; it’s easy for me because I choose to be the last one to bed in my house. This way it’s completely peaceful
    Then one night, I was thinking about stress and as usual, I wrote it out. Normally when I write things out, I do it with all the lights out on my laptop, which is really bad for your eyes at night, especially right before you go to sleep. Thinking about this information, I figured, okay, why not write in a journal like I did before I wrote things out on computers.
    On paper, it was a lot different. It felt more real and fluid. Plus the only things I’ve been writing on paper have been notes for school. Another thing I did differently was that I wrote out all the events that happened in my day, and labeled it “Today”. Yes this sounds like a diary, but it’s not, it’s a journal. For the past few days I have been writing the bigger events that took place in the day. Then under it, I would label, “Other”. I wrote about philosophies, notes about life, stress, plans, and whatever might fit. Which helped out too.
    Now, the thing that makes this a lot different from other people’s journals (most people do the day-to-day event thing, philosophies, poetry, or stuff like that) is that I’ve been writing letters to specific people. Not always, but when someone has done something that helped me, I would write out a letter of appreciation and compliments. These letters are a little bit different. There are some to people I wouldn’t normally write a letter like this too and some that I have written letters too. They can be role models, teachers, friends, basically people who left some kind of mark. Each day I write one letter to one person. As I stated before, sense its on paper it’s more real.
    I will admit that I still have some problems sleeping but each night; I sleep better after following this routine. Each day I also learn new things.
I’ll just restate the main things that have been helping:
Peaceful sleeping environment
Handwritten journal