Top Favorites: Day 1- Video Games

So I decided to do one of those things where you post something daily… Only I created it and I am only doing it for 10 days.
Basically you just list your favorite things in that category and explain why they are your favorites. You only list your top 3 though.

Top favorites
1 Video Game
2 Movie
3 Book
4 Band
5 Show
6 Country
7 Disney Character
8 Super Hero
9 Genre (Music/show/book)
10 Youtubers

Day 1: Video Games

3. Sims 3 (PC) would take third place…. My favorites often vary on things but yeah, I guess Sims 3 would be my 3rd favorite as of now. Who doesn’t want to build the perfect life? Make an attractive Sim and marry them and have an attractive family. Not only that but they throw in silly things to make it a bit more entertaining. Sims games are typically the only games where I actually get expansion packs…. unless it came with the game. So yeah Sims 3 would have to take third place.

2. Pokemon! Gotta catch them all, yo! Okay, if you even know me slightly, you should know I LOVE Pokemon. It’s my childhood. I find it pretty creative and just fun. You catch Pokemon, train them, figure out strategies… Its my type of game… Plus you can easily set it down without worry of losing, meaning you don’t really need to time things ever or have any special hand coordination… PERFECT! Before Emerald Version (GBA) was my favorite, but now I have to say X and Y (3DS) beat it. I am excited for the next version, which I am assuming will be Z.

1. Fire Emblem is my favorite for sure…. Like Pokemon you don’t really need much coordination, however it is a game that requires a lot of strategy. If a character dies once, NOPE! You never see them again. So you have to be careful about characters and have to consider how things might effect the story line…. Which is another thing, the story line is AMAZING. Each one of them has great story lines and also great artwork. There’s a lot more to it, and some people will probably not like it much or even find it quite hard if they don’t have great strategy techniques. So far my favorite one in the series is the newest one, Awakening (3DS, just because of the game play… I think if I had to chose for story line it would go to Radiant Dawn (Wii). In the end, I recommend Fire Emblem to anyone out there. I think its easy enough for people who don’t play games much because its not one that requires coordination. Just be sure to read the tutorials and tips effectively or you might miss important details.Image



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